Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Plant and Cell Animal Model crafts

So, Big Sister had to memorize a list of some of the parts of the plant and animal cells. After two weeks of working on this, we created models of the cells that contained the parts she had to memorize.

I did some looking around online and other people used lots of things to do this. Paper, pancakes, jello and pizza were just a few that I found. I decided to use cookies to help us learn. I love sweets and after just having a baby thought what better way to get a sugar fix.

This was my first time trying to bake gigantic cookies though, and it was a bit tricky. Getting the centers to firm up took more time than I wanted, so the edges were a little more done than I like typically. Although as cookies cool they tend to firm up a bit. Here are our cookies. Yum!

We used frosting as the cytoplasm, pull apart Twizzlers as the mitocondria and the cell membrane, fruit strips as the vacuoles and the golgi bodies and, flattened taffy as the nucleus and green skittles as the chloroplasts.

Little guy wanted in on the action! We kept a digital diagram up on the computer as we worked on our cells. Once we finished, Big Sister had to recall what each item was so she and little sister could have some of their cookies. It took a little time, but she was proud of herself once she remembered.
We checked out some resources that I had found on Pinterest.
Interactive site- (check out How Big is a? on the left side)
Cell Rap- (the girls were singing this the rest of the day)
Diagram of both plant and animal cells-

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