Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fun Pancakes

Recently I was reading through a Martha Stewart magazine and saw an adorable idea. They used a regular pancake batter and a squirt bottle to make spider web pancakes. I had a squirt bottle sitting unused in our cupboard and thought it would be easy enough to do. The catch is your batter can't have any lumps and you have to snip off the end tip of the squirt bottle to create a bit of a bigger opening.
I made my batter and then poured it into the squirt bottle.

Really easy to make shapes and letters. The kids got a kick out of the first letter of their names as pancakes!

 Ta da!
We had a little batter left over. I put it in the squirt bottle and in the fridge. I just cooked up the remaining batter 4 days later and it was just fine. We will be doing this again.

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