Saturday, September 8, 2012

Personal Calzones

I love having fun, kid friendly foods for either Friday or Saturday nights. I found this idea here, and loved it! It's super easy, but does take a little bit of time to assemble.

First I made some pizza dough in my bread maker. I love that machine! I got it for a wedding present 10 years ago and have been using it regularly since then. Cut the dough into how ever many calzones you want to make. I let the kids roll out their own dough and assemble it themselves. I think that's what took up the most time. :)
Here's Big Sister doing her thing.

Here's munchkin working on hers.

Some of the toppings. Don't forget the cheese!

 Little guy was covered in flour!
Kevin's contribution- holding a sleeping baby while watching a Purdue game.

Yummy dinner!
After we put toppings on one half of the dough, we folded it over and pinched the edges. I brushed the tops with olive oil, sprinkled on some garlic powder and shook some cheese over that. I baked them at 425degrees for 15 minutes. Whatever type of pizza dough you use, follow their directions for baking.

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