Thursday, November 3, 2011

1st Birthday Beach Party Part 1

After spending a weekend at the beach as a family, Little Guy made it very clear to us that he loved spending time in the sand. When his first birthday rolled around we went with the sand thing and made a beach in the backyard.
We dumped many many bags of playground sand onto a large tarp. His birthday happens to be at the end of summer, so I got plenty of beach toys on the cheap to help the kids dig and fill and dump until their heart was content.

I thought about putting a kiddie pool up to simulate the ocean next to the sand, but was more afraid it would be mud next to the sand. I guess you could also do a sprinkler.

Instead of goodie bags we sent each kid home with a cute sand bucket and an assortment of toys inside it. We had these cute little tags we made on Adobe.

I'll show you the food from the party next time. It was so cute and I love how it all followed the beach theme.

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